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Everyone with a pet knows their cat, dog, hamster, or budgie is just another member of the family. Celebrate your furry or scaly companion with a high quality canvas print featuring their cute little face. A close-up of those big brown eyes, or a candid shot of their funniest sleeping position will make a wonderful addition to your wall, or a fantastic gift for their proud adoptive grandparent, uncle, or sibling.

Our products are archival quality, so they're made to last. You will be able to cherish that sweet family member for decades to come.


It's always more fun to receive a creative, personal gift than a generic one. And it's usually just as much fun for the gift giver to pick out a really special, meaningful present. If you know the recipient is an animal lover, why not get them something that celebrates their favorite four - or two - legged friend?

Once you've settled on theme, there are lots of ways you can figure out the best art-related gift to give:

  • Snoop around their house. Not into drawers and closets, but try to get a feel for the lucky person's decorating scheme. If they like delicately wallpapers and pastels, consider a similarly themed image in pale colors.

  • Consider the presentation. Do they already have a number of canvases hanging in the home? If so, you might choose to stick with that display, or forego the image altogether and choose a beautiful canvas floater frame that will accent an existing print.

    If the decor is very modern, consider a plexi face mount or other dry mounted image. These pieces are slim, stylish, and frameless, for a crisp, contemporary appearance.

  • Pay attention as you're being given the tour (or if you're there all the time, ask for another one!). Do they mention an area they wish was better decorated, or tell you about a color scheme they're planning? If they are regretful of a certain blank wall, try to sneak a measurement so you can order an artwork of the perfect size.

  • Ask mutual aquantences for ideas. Maybe they'd love a schnauzer, but can't have pets in their apartment. A sweet picture of their favorite breed could hold them over till they can get the real deal.

  • If you don't have access to the perfect image, or for any other reason you're unable to select a canvas print or frame, why not let them pick their own, on you! We offer Gift Certificates in custom denominations. We can send the recipient the code via email, or print a physical certificate and mail it straight to them!
Whatever your budget or relationship with the recipient, put some serious thought into the gift. Your efforts will be recognized and appreciated.


In the art world, budget-friendly usually equally smaller, and that is certainly not a bad thing!

A small, quaint artwork can make a wonderful gift, to fill an empty space in a nook or by the door, round out a collection, or commemorate a special event without comandeering an entire wall. Many of our products are under $100.


If you have a bit more to spend, you can consider choosing a large canvas print, or opt for something a bit more unique. Adding resin to a canvas print or dry mounted paper print gives it a gorgeous shine and intensifies every color. Or pick a more ornate frame to complement a Classic Art Print, of which we have a wonderful selection.

Close up cute cat face, pets

Beautiful golden retriever, full grown, pets

Pet Canvas prints
Kitty Close Up
Pet Canvas prints
Loyal Friend
Pet Canvas prints
The Kids

Peacock Fan
Pet Canvas prints
Size Options
Pet Canvas prints
Pet Canvas prints
The New Puppy
Pet Canvas prints
Cute Puppy Poses

You and the Kids
Pet Canvas prints
Bird of the House
Pet Canvas prints
The Thoroughbred
Pet Canvas prints
Backyard Pets

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Place your order through our website with just a few easy steps. To get started, visit our Uploads page.

Our general production turnaround chart is shown below, along with the extended times over the holiday season.

Product/Service Standard Turnaround Time December [1-24]
Canvas Gallery Wraps/Transfer 2-4 business days 4-6 business days
Custom Made Picture Frames, Dry-Mounting & Coating 2-5 business days 3-6 business days
Rolled Canvas / Fine Art Prints 1-2 business days 2-4 business days
Restorations, Collage & Popart Designs & Image Effects 2-3 business days 3-4 business days
Plaque Mounting & Greeting Cards 5-7 business days 8-10 business days
Artwork Scanning 3-5 business days 6-8 business days
Handmade Oil Paintings 3 weeks 4 weeks


In the past few hundred years, animals have made an impressive leap from being "just" packhorses and sled dogs to significant and integral parts of many families.

More than 43 million households in America have a dog, and over 36 million a cat (or more than one). Research has shown having a pet can add as many as seven years to your lifespan, not to mention alleviate stress and depression.

The findings aren't surprising when we consider the joy and giggles brought on by a puppy wiggling her hind end in the air, or a cat attacking a sun spot on the wall.

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