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 Wedding & Engagement Photos
Some say it is the most significant event of your life. What better way to celebrate and commemorate your "I do's" than by proudly displaying a portrait of your important day?

A large canvas print of your favourite wedding photograph can look as classic and artistic as a hand-painted portrait. A close-up of the beautiful couple, a fun wedding party pose, the gorgeous bouquet, an architectural shot of the ceremony location - there are so many great ways to display the precious memory of that special day.

If you know someone who just got married, see if you can get your hands on some of their pictures. Those cash-strapped newlyweds will appreciate the thoughtful keepsake gift.


It's always more fun to receive a creative, personal gift than a generic one. And it's usually just as much fun for the gift giver to pick out a really special, meaningful present.

There are lots of ways you can figure out the best art-related gift to give. When you already know it will be a romantic theme, that cuts down on the tricky choice of subject matter, but now you need to pick the best display option for the couple:

  • Snoop around their house. Not into drawers and closets, but try to get a feel for the lucky person's decorating scheme. If they like delicately wallpapers and pastels, consider choosing an image with pale colors. Bold walls? Maybe a black and white shot.

  • Pay attention as you're being given the tour (or if you're there all the time, ask for another one!). Do they mention an area they wish was better decorated, or tell you about a color scheme they're planning? If they are regretful of a certain blank wall, try to sneak a measurement so you can order an artwork of the perfect size.

  • If you're unable to browse their home, chat with people who know them well. Have they mentioned an art idea for the living room, or a shot from the wedding they'd love to have enlarged, when they get the time?

  • Consider what you know about the couple when choosing the best photo. If they're quite modest and understated, a giant image of their smiling faces may not be ideal. Opt instead for the classic hand-holding close up, a picture of the bouquet and bowtie, or a scenic shot with the couple off in the distance.

  • Don't forget to think about the presentation. Do they already have a number of unframed canvases hanging in the home? If so, you might choose to stick with that display, or choose one of our beautiful canvas floater frames to accompany the print.

  • If you don't have access to the perfect image, or for any other reason you're unable to select a canvas print or frame, why not let them pick their own, on you! We offer Gift Certificates in custom denominations. We can send the recipient the code via email, or print a physical certificate and mail it straight to them!
Whatever your budget, or relationship with the recipient, when you put real thought into your gift, your efforts will be recognized and appreciated.
A beautiful shot that adds a punch of color and an undeniable sense of love

Sweet engagement photos make a wonderful option for an early wedding or bridal shower gift

Of course the classic couple shot is a good choice for a canvas print

Sample Canvas prints
Wedding Couple Canvas Prints
Engagement casual photographs
Casual Engagement Print
Happy Wedding Couple canvas print
The Smiling Couple

Romantic Engagement Prints
Canvas prints
Bold Bridal, 3/4" frame
Photo by: www.PhotoArt4U
Bridal wedding canvas print
Beautiful bride in sepia
Sample Canvas prints
Fun Engagement Prints
Sample Canvas prints
The Rings, black border
Sample Canvas prints
Wedding Collage Prints
Canvas print, 1-3/8" bars
Wedding Dress Pictures
Sample Canvas prints
Unique Digital Additions

Upload digital photos for Canvas Prints, Plaque Mounting and Fine Art prints


Once you have Uploaded your photos and placed your order, we'll get to work!

Your canvas art will be printed using high quality, archival inks and Epson ink jet printers. Once it is coated with a protective UV- and scratch-resistant semi-matte spray, it will be stretched and affixed around a custom-made pine wood frame. Hanging hardware is attached, and your order is securely packaged and shipped to you.

Our general production turnaround chart is shown below, as well as our extended production times for the winter holiday season.

Product/Service Standard Turnaround Time December[1-24]
Canvas Gallery Wraps/Transfer 2-4 business days 4-6 business days
Restorations, Collage & Popart Designs & Image Effects 2-3 business days 3-4 business days
Rolled Canvas / Fine Art Prints 1-2 business days 2-4 business days
Artwork Scanning 3-5 business days 6-8 business days
Custom Made Picture Frames, Dry-Mounting & Coating 2-5 business days 3-6 business days
Plaque Mounting & Greeting Cards 5-7 business days 8-10 business days
Handmade Oil Paintings 3 weeks 4 weeks


Though today it seems it isn't a wedding if a photographer isn't racing around snapping pictures, most couples did hire photographers to take picture during the wedding ceremony until late in the 19th century, some 50 years after the invention of photography. Because cameras and equipment were heavy and fragile, early wedding photos were primarily taken in a studio, often before or following the official wedding day.

In the 1880s, wedding photographers began to take photos of the wedding party as well as the couple, and the wedding gifts would often be displayed for the picture as well. The latter is a style mostly unseen today.

It wasn't until around the 1970s that the practice of taking pictures throughout the entirety of the wedding became a regular occurance.

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