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 Eskimo Art Gallery
Services: Art Gallery
Address: 12 Queen's Quay W. Toronto, ON, M5J 2V3 Canada
Phone/Fax: Ph:416-366-3000
Toll Free: 1-800-800-2008
E-mail: inuitart
Web Site:
Permanent Link: Eskimo Art Gallery
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Business Services: Welcome to the Eskimo / Inuit Art Gallery. We have specialized in Contemporary Inuit Art since 1981. We have not only the largest selection of Inuit Art / Eskimo Art in Canada, we also have the finest selection of Inuit Art. The Inuit Art that you see on our website is a sample of the Inuit Art we carry in our gallery. The Eskimo Art Gallery has been located on Harbourfront, Toronto, for over twenty years. We work directly with many of the Inuit Artists. If you are looking for a specific Inuit Art Sculpture, Inuit / Eskimo print, or works by a particular Inuit / Eskimo artist please contact us.

At the Eskimo Art Gallery, we carry Inuit /Eskimo stone sculptures of Polar Bears, Walrus, Seals, Hunters, Drum Dancers, Arctic Wolves, Muskox, Owls, Birds of Prey, Inuksuks (Inukshuks), kayaks and Mother and Child. Our Inuit Art is made out of serpentine, a harder and more valuable stone than soapstone. We also carry Inuit Art Prints from Holman Island and Baker Lake. If you are new to Inuit Art, you may wish to look at many of the reference books we have on Eskimo Art or Inuit Art.

Although we have many pieces on the Eskimo / Inuit Art Gallery site, and ordering is relatively simple, we always prefer the personal touch. We like to discuss your Inuit Art pieces with you, and help you build your Inuit Art Collection. We will look over every new shipment of Inuit Art in search of requested pieces, artists, or subject matter, and you will have first rights of refusal on any Inuit Art Sculpture before it is put on display. Our staff is very knowledgeable about Inuit Art, and our focus has always been on building long-term relationships with our clients.

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